Plumbing services - this is a very specific and delicate work, entrust it to the professionals of their business. The result of such work will please you for many years and will save you from many everyday problems.

Make your life more comfortable

AC BATI-RENOV offers a wide range of plumbing, installation, and repair of plumbing. This category of work, this is one of the most complex types of work. Although the bathroom and toilet do not occupy much of the total area of the premises, it is impossible to imagine a single apartment or a private house without a bathroom. The apartment may not have a living room, study or dining room, but without a bathroom with a toilet can not do. Therefore, the importance of plumbing works is always very high.

We provide turnkey plumbing, water supply, heating and sewerage systems, as well as other works of additional engineering plumbing equipment - temperature and pressure regulators, heating of water pipes and sewerage, installation of boiler equipment, etc. Our company will perform any plumbing work, regardless of the purpose of the premises, be it private homes, villas, apartments, the specific requirements of each customer will always be taken into account.

Our subservices

  • Installation of water supply systems, both cold and hot;
  • Installation of water meters; Installation of filters for water purification;
  • Installation of mixers and ball valves Installation of pumps and pumping stations Installation of various water heaters, as well as boilers;
  • Installation of collectors in the existing water supply system. Sewage systems Installation, replacement and relocation of sewer risers, if necessary;
  • Installation of drainage systems;


  • Installation of autonomous sewer systems; Laying of sewer pipes.
  • Installation of heating system Complete installation of heating and water supply Heat pumps; Radiators, convectors; Automation of heating systems; Warm floor; Saunas / Hamam; Steam generators;
  • Plumbing installation Toilet bowls, installations; Sinks, sinks; Mixers, rain shower, swimming pools; Baths, shower cabins.

Masters of our company - plumbers with quite impressive experience, qualitatively and in a short time will be able to solve any problems you have